Free Video Gait Analysis by a Licensed Physical Therapist

                                  Video Gait Analysis

Have you ever walked into a shoe store and wondered which type of shoe may ease your foot, leg, hip or back pain?  Or been running a race and wondered if different gait mechanics would allow you to run your personal best time?  Then come in and check out our new video gait analysis program!

Video gait analysis is a comprehensive way to study your body mechanics during running and walking.  It allows us to analyze each individual component of the gait cycle in a frame-by-frame fashion. We obtain video from four different views in order to determine ways in which your gait deviates from normative values and how one side of your body differs from the other.  Once deviations are identified, we can effectively determine the source of your pain and/or recommend ways to make your stride more efficient!

 People of all ages and abilities can benefit from this new service as it can take as little as 5-10 minutes. Time spent walking and/or running on the treadmill can be broken up into intervals if necessary to meet the needs of each individual patient.  The more advanced athlete may choose to be analyzed in different types of footwear in order to determine how to create their most efficient foot placement and stride.  This is a great tool for those exercisers that have been suffering from a chronic injury for months or years and don’t understand the source of the pain or how to rid themselves of it. Whatever your needs, let us help ease your pain and maximize your full locomotive potential with the region’s only video gait analysis program at Huntington Physical Therapy!

During the month of August, Kelly Akers, DPT will be performing video gait analysis targeting athletes who suffer from running related injuries.   Space is limited, so call today at 304-525-4445 and make your appointment with Kelly Akers, DPT for your free video gait analysis.

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